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Stuff The Bus Program

SERVPRO Volunteering with The United Way

This week Jonathan Harris from SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest had the pleasure of volunteering with The United Way of Northeast Florida and First Coast for their Stuff the Bus program. This annual initiative supports classrooms, teachers and students in need. The donations that Jonathan was able to count, sort and distribute will help hundreds of teachers and more than 57,000 students in over 80 Duval County Public schools. Teachers often use their personal funds just to have tools necessary to stock their classroom, and many families cannot afford the school supply list each year. We’re so proud to be part of this program!

Company Photo outside new building


The SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest staff ready to serve you in your time of need. We offer 24/7/365 emergency service.

We are dedicated to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO staff extracting water from Jacksonville assisted living facility

Flooding in Assisted Living Facility

Seven guest rooms and a hallway were affected when flooding occurred at this Jacksonville assisted living facility. A resident had inadvertently left water running in the bathroom overnight. We were there quick to extract the water and dry the carpet.

tornado with palm trees blowing

Florida Gets Hurricanes and Tornodoes

Tornadoes do happen in Florida in the spring and winter months. It’s always a good idea to sign up for weather alerts and have a plan in place should a tornado or nor’easter occur. Here are some tips from the Department of Homeland Security for making your plan.

Remember, if your home of business suffers flooding or water damage as the result of a storm or tornado, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest at 904.256.4894.

fire on pot on stove

Unattended Cooking #1 Cause of House Fires

Cooking fires are the leading types of home fires in the U.S.. Most often these fires are caused by unattended cooking. Be sure to never leave food while the source of heat is still active. Be aware of combustible material, and keep it away from anything cooking. Double-check ovens and stovetops once cooking is done to ensure they are turned off.

SERVPRO car with reps in front with Humane Society reps and dog

Betty White Challenge -- Accepted

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest accepted the Betty White Challenge and were happy to be at the Jacksonville Humane Society where a big puppy at heart named Thunder, greeted us with a big smile and lots of love. JHS staff members, Hudson Melvin, Olivia Spiecker and Shaina Corday gladly tagged along to receive our food donation from Jonathan Harris and Shane Adams.  

Entrepreneur magazine opened up to Franchise 500 article

SERVPRO Ranked #8 on the Franchise 500 List

When evaluating SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest, look not only at the franchise but also the corporation.

SERVPRO Industries has 2000 franchises operating nationwide and has been around for more than 50 years. These are two reasons why Entrepreneur magazine ranked SERVPRO #8 on their list of Top 500 Franchises.

before and after collage of a reconstructed kitchen in Jacksonville

Before & After A Kitchen Fire

Here is a before and after collage of a reconstructed kitchen in Jacksonville after we cleaned up fire damage. This is another example of the type of turnkey service SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest offers.

a roof leak on a lanai that has been repaired

We Are Versatile

Here we encountered a roof leak on a Lanai. We removed and replaced OSB board after drying the ceiling frame. SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest came to the rescue to make it "Like it never even happened."

house on fire with fireman fighting fire

Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan?

On average, there are 358,000 home fires each year in the U.S. with 12,300 injuries. Having a home fire escape plan will reduce the chance of fire-related injuries. See our blog for tips on developing yours.

tagged water shut-off valve in homeowner's garage

Do You Know How to Shut Off the Water?

Costs associated with water damage are mitigated if homeowners are able to shut off the water when problems occur. Here, the water shut off valve was located in the garage. See our blog for tips on locating your water shut-off valve.

holes drilled in baseboards with air mover on them to facilitate drying

Can Walls Be Dried, Or Do They Have to Be Replaced

Drilling small holes along the bottom of the wall and ventilating the wall cavity can greatly reduce drying time.

hurricane pounding coastline with graphic that says "Storm Team"

Our Storm Team Is Ready for Anything

When storms hit our area, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,700 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

water coming out of corner of baseboard

A Homeowner's Worst Nightmare

No one wants to see water coming out of their baseboards. Fortunately SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest will get to the scene quickly and make it "Like it never even happened." We have to expertise and equipment to do it!

flooding at commercial facility with graphic superimposed

We Handle Commercial Water Damage

Flood Damage at a commercial facility in Jacksonville went undetected over a three-day weekend. A primary water supply line break allowed a tremendous amount of water into the workplace.  Fortunately, SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest worked around the clock to get the facility back to normal.

water shooting from pipe under kitchen sink

You Never Want to See This, But SERVPRO's Here to Help

This leaking pipe was a disaster that spilled water not only in the kitchen but the living room too. Fortunately, we were on the scene quickly and extracted all the water.

storm team trailer

SERVPRO Never Runs Out of Equipment or Resources

Don't worry, we won't run short of equipment. SERVPRO can handle any size disaster. There is always another SERVPRO franchise or large loss team ready to back us up when a big storm strikes.

before and after collage of a reconstructed kitchen in Jacksonville

Like it never even happened.

Did you know that in addition to water mitigation, fire cleanup, and mold remediation, SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest also offers reconstruction services? After our pros are done with drying out a home or removing smoke-damaged materials, we can put homes back together just like they were before the damage occurred.

infrared image showing water behind wall

Finding 'Hidden' Water

Infrared cameras may be used to find “hidden” water behind walls and ceilings. Here, water is found behind a hotel wall. We used air movers to dry the affected area.

SERVPRO truck full of wet carpet and padding

One Truck Full of Water-Logged Carpet & Padding

Shown here is a truck full of wet carpet and padding which was removed from a Jacksonville hotel where seven rooms were affected by water damage. SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest arrived there fast to save the day and prevent any problems with the customers.

Mold containment area set up in a homeowners living room

Mold Remediation in Northeast Florida

Mold damage in Northeast Florida often requires the use of a containment area as shown in this photo. The purpose of a containment area is to trap and contain any mold spores that become airborne during the cleaning process. HEPA filtration systems and air scrubbers are also utilized to inhibit the spread of spread of mold spores during remediation.

smoke and fire damage at Jacksonville kitchen stove vent

Jacksonville Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are all too common; a greasy, dirty vent ignited, and smoke and soot damage was the result. Though the cabinets can be refinished to look "Like it never even happened," the odor was very unpleasant. We wiped down the soot, cleaned the vent filters, and set up state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate the bad smell.

tree crashed through roof of Jacksonville homeowner during storm

Storm Damage?

Removing the tree and putting a tarp on this storm-damaged roof on a Jacksonville home was the first step in correcting the water intrusion problems inside this home. Call SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest at 904.256-4894 if storms impact your home, boat, or property.